L. L. Darroch

L.L.Darroch began writing stories, poetry and lyrics the moment she realized the alphabet had the power to create and to move people. She discovered that writing could take her anywhere she wanted to go, even if she had to create the places herself.

“My mother gave me the love of the written word, the enjoyment of reading, writing and telling a good story. Being a poet herself, she taught me the texture, power and beauty of both the written and spoken word. I feel that good writing is often a pleasure to read aloud. Writing to me is much more than mere words put together. It is a symphony of letters, a painting in text. Words can take you to any dimension you choose to go.”

She is a traveler and explorer both by nature and nurture. Laurie treasures the people who have touched her life and the faith and heart that guides her. When she isn’t absorbing the world around her, including the people and creatures that inhabit it, she is busy writing about it. She is also a craftsperson, gardener and artist. Children have always been a major part of Laurie’s life. She writes for various publications online and in print.






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